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Dash Berlin - The New Daylight (Extended Versions) CD

Dash Berlin

Dash Berlin - The New Daylight (Extended Versions)

01. Till The Sky Falls Down (Extended Mix)
02. Man On The Run (with Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren) (Extended Mix)
03. Wired (feat. Susana) (Extended Mix)
04. Waiting (feat. Emma Hewitt) (Extended Mix)
05. Never Cry Again (Extended Mix)
06. To Be The One (feat. Idaho) (Extended Mix)
07. End Of Silence (feat. Rowald Steyn & Nina Deli) (Extended Mix)
08. The Night Time (Extended Mix)
09. Renegade (feat. DJ Remy) (Extended Mix)
10. Janeiro (feat. Solid Sessions) (Extended Mix)
11. Feel You Here (Extended Mix)
12. The New Daylight (Extended Mix)
13. Surround Me (Extended Mix)
14. Believe In You (feat. Sarah Howells & Secede) (Extended Mix)

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